Ipad and facetime… I spy with my little eye… Baby monitor!

Whilst recently on vacation, I decided to set up a baby monitor at the hotel so that my wife and I could have an evening drink at the bar… But this time by using a high tech option and not your standard low distance walkie talkies… It was pretty easy!

You will need one laptop, one ipad 2, the application facetime and a wireless internet connection.

Place your laptop in your room in front of said children. Make sure it is attached to the electricity supply or you wont be out long.
You will need to put a light on in the room, or the camera in your laptop will not see your sleeping children.

Once set up, switch brightness down to the lowest setting, your monitor will now look as though it is off. In the meantime open FaceTime on your iPad and call yourself, the laptop’s FaceTime will ring. It may not work immediately but after a short pause it will.

Answer your call on the laptop, you may have to switch on the brightness momentarily. Careful that your iPad is not too close to your laptop as the feedback will be nasty.

Make sure you press “mute” on your ipad so not to allow the children to hear you. If they do wake suddenly one of you can talk to them, this is done by deactivating “mute” as the other quickly returns to the room.

All done? Now you are free to walk off with your iPad around the hotel and test.

I tested the area first to know where the weak areas of wifi were or any blackout spots.
If you cannot get to the bar or restaurant with an intact signal, one of you will have to stay in the room and call the other once they are in position. 

I like to have the baby matress monitor on, as it has a light, this is useful as you can see the light flashing so it gives you a “realtime” perspective and you know the picture has not frozen.

That’s it! Good luck and have a nice evening.

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  1. Michael Says:

    Great idea! What type of “baby mattress monitor” are you using? Unfortunately this doesn’t appear to be possible with an iTouch and our room power is setup so that when we leave the room all the power is disconnected, including the power where our laptop is connected.

  2. Chris Plant Says:

    You need to leave one of your hotel cards in the room so the power stays on, and use an iphone 4. As this can use facetime. There are lots of combinations and other programs you could probably use. The baby monitor is a NannyBM02. It is the third one we have used from this company and all still work!

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