Facebook’s latest group, Secret Bratislava’s first event is this years St Patricks day!

This year on March 19th members of Facebook’s latest group “Secret Bratislava” will be attending “St Patricks day” after being kindly invited by the Irish Chamber of Commerce. ”Secret Bratislava” members can win prizes for attending this year as well as have great fun at the event in the Main square of Bratislava listening to the sounds of the Curragour Piper & Drummers band who will be performing throughout the evening and watching several super Irish dancing sets performed by the Avalon Irish dancing group. The event is a public one so everyone is invited, although special prizes can only be won through membership of the Facebook group “Secret Bratislava”.

The whole event will be the first time that “St Patricks day” will have been held in the Main square (Hlavné námestie) and it should be a fantastic evening with all the entertainment that the Irish Chamber of Commerce have set up.

(Hlavné námestie)

The Irish Chamber asked us at creative images to help promote the event. creative images provided advertising in form of official flyers and also a very interesting marketing campaign which involved inviting all the members of Facebook’s Secret Bratislava to the event. creative images suggested that Secret Bratislava members would all received a personal invite to the biggest St Patricks day that Bratislava has seen, whilst also being given the opportunity to win prizes! The cross promotion not only helps the Irish Chamber of Commerce have a wider reach with marketing the country of Ireland and St Patricks Day in particular, it also rewards the members of Facebook’s group “Secret Bratislava” for their input on the highly successful group that has taken Bratislava by storm.

Please feel free to support the Irish chamber of Commerce and attend this years  ST. PATRICK’S DAY CELEBRATION on Friday 19th March in the Main Square (Hlavné námestie), 19.00 – 21.00 The Curragour Piper & Drummers band with Irish dancing sets performed by the Avalon Irish dancing group. The Curragour Pipers & Drummers are from Limerick, Ireland. The Band perform a varied selection of lively Irish Pipe Music including Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes, Slow Airs and traditional ballads They will also be performing during the week from 20.00 at Gremium Pub on Thursday 18th March and from 20.00 at the Dubliner on Saturday 20th March.

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  1. Chris Plant Says:

    A very good event and an extremley positive feedback from the Secret Bratislava group. 250 Attendees, 377 Maybes. Declinations 550, which shows amazing loyalty that people that couldn’t come still told us. Only 478 members did not respond. (Members at posting time: 1655)

    15% of member attended the event. 22.7% were Maybe’s and 33.2% decliined. So in all 71% of our group answered the advert. Very good response! Since the event Secret Facebook event we have increased members to 2063 now

    here is the overview – http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=376941678798&index=1

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