Why Social Media? Is it for me?


Social media allows us to share our interests, express our views and stay in touch with our friends, businesses and even the world if we so chose.

So it comes to me as a great surprise when I speak to some people and business’s who do not recognise the importance of this channel of communication. They often dismiss it as a new fad or a waste of valuable productive time, they believe (as also did I at one stage) that their employees are mis-using valuable resources on a pointless posting of “where you are” or “what you are currently up to”.

Please do not be too quick to dismiss social media, only because it sounds frightening or perhaps one doesn’t quite understand it, we can be educated on new solutions that in the future eventually become “everyday tasks”, we do not need to be afraid of change. I can understand the fear, perhaps the feeling of lack of privacy, will I have stalkers? Maybe there could be inappropriate behavior and our secrets or family lives could be exposed to anyone or everyone, especially if we are in a position of responsibility.

The fact of the matter is as follows:

1. Social Media is very important in today’s business age and if your business is cutting edge it needs to utilise social media.

2. One needs to be weary, but by using the security settings and a little vigilance, we can protect ourselves from any unwanted exposure.

3. Be sure this is not a fad, it is a new way of life, there is much to be gained by joining this social media revolution.

With these points in mind one not need to be afraid of this fairly new method of communication, we should embrace it and let it assist our personal and business activities.


Mistakes can and will of course be made. We have all sent an email to the wrong person at one time or another, with perhaps only a little embarrassment but in worst cases they may have had catastrophic business implications. The same is possible with social media, so be careful but do not be timid.

I believe management whom decide to ban or impose restrictions on social media in the work place or individuals that decide that Facebook or google+ is not for them will find that in the long run they are the ones that will be in the dark, be left behind by technology, friends and find that their business lacks a cutting edge that is needed in today’s competitive market.

Let me give you an example of driving business; I wrote this article for instance, then I uploaded it to my blog, I then created an “awareness post” as I call it, either on twitter or perhaps facebook etc. This post/tweet has larger exposure to many more people than my company blog could reach. It reaches my friends and my business contact, perhaps the tweet is connected to my linked-in account or my google+ page. Be sure that whichever thread I choose, exposure of my post grows and any people that may find it interesting or helpful will read it. This will prove all these quick links have fulfilled a task and have driven interest back to my blog and ultimately my business which may not make a gain today, maybe not tomorrow, however in the future someone may “LIKE” or appreciate what I had to say today.

So my message is simple… embrace the art of social media, enjoy reading articles and posts from your family, peers and your colleagues. Strive to make a difference, your voice will be heard and if not by tens of thousands of people perhaps by just ten or only one, but someone will get YOUR message, join YOUR cause, buy YOUR product or simply “LIKE” what you have suggested. Move forward, oh and “LIKE” this too…

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