Social media in a thriving online market – Facebook’s Secret Bratislava

I am currently running a small private project to see how well Facebook and twitter work in harmony with one of my personal interests, Bratislava. The aim was to create a group that can actually feed itself with information from and around Bratislava. It may well prove to be interesting to my clients to see how groups develop and the input of individuals can make a large impact. There is no profit to be made from this group at this stage so in reality it is “time” invested for free in order to run a hobby.

My aim is to see how many members would join a group such as this and how information could grow without all of it coming from one entitiy or source. ie. me. This group hopefully would use information uploaded by each member to help each fellow member learn or understand something new in the city that they live.

The Bratislava idea was hatched after I had seen a live TV broadcast about the group that was set up in London, Secret London started the whole “Secret cities” idea off. I personally decided wanted to create an English speaking area where myself and my friends could learn more about the city in which we reside from the people that lived in the city and knew the most about it.

The project is nearly two weeks old and I already have 791 members… something to watch out for and something that shows that live social media marketing has a great potential. Check out the group at: Secret Bratislava. If you want to see what is being said on Twitter please visit: Secret_Bratislava.

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