UNIDO/GEF Project – Renewable Energy in The Gambia

Promoting Renewable Energy in The Gambia,


The energy sector in The Gambia is characterized by low levels of access to modern energy services, a high dependence on traditional biomass fuels and an unsustainable dependence on imported fossil fuels for electricity generation. Given the vast renewable energy resources that are available in The Gambia, there is no doubt that the development of these resources wills significantly address some of the challenges being faced in the energy sector. The deployment of renewable energy technologies in The Gambia faces a number of barriers that have to be addressed in a systematic and holistic manner. Therefore, this project seeks to address some of the these barriers to renewable energy in The Gambia through an integrated approach combining demonstration renewable energy projects with capacity building and technical assistance at the institutional, policy, market and project/investment level.
The overarching objective of the project  is to develop and promote a market environment that will be stimulate investment in renewable energy based mini-grids for productive uses in The Gambia.
Primary target groups of the project are government policy making and implementing institutions, the electricity utility, project developers, energy professionals, equipment suppliers, and energy consumers.

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    Renewable energy must be our focus these days because fossil fuels are getting more scarce. We must also not depend on Oil exporting countries. ‘,”".

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