How safe is your personal data?

To give you an example of the answer to the question, how safe is my personal data? I was reading a blog today that caught my eye. In that blog the author offers a “follow me” on Twitter, when I click on the link I am forwarded to his twitter page, on twitter he has a tweet which says something else that interests me further, I then click on the tweet’s link which directs me to the Author’s “facebook business page” which has over 2704 fans… and I can see all these fans… as the preferences allow me too.

Is this a way for me to find out who his clients are? Should he be worried? Does he realise this?

In facebook you cannot contact these people directly however from their profiles or their restricted information we already know a lot about them…
Most people do not check their security settings on facebook thus you can often see a lot about a persons profile and who their friends are. Often they will have some information, for instance a weblink – and following this takes you to that person (if you use your common sense and click on contact and find out who it in or behind that company.) Then you have direct contact details to that person.

Interesting or scary?

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