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NextLevel Pharma, a strategic business information and an opportunity provider for the global life sciences industry, requested creative images to redesign their high level conference material. “Important to us is a sleek, clear, informative guide to our conference literature”. said Luke Rogers, Managing Director.

NextLevel Pharma brings the life sciences industry closer together. They organise intelligent conferences and events for industry, personalised meetings for individual companies, as well as tailored partnering services.

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Luke Rogers and Geoff Cable are in charge of the Australian-owned and managed company, based in Central and Eastern Europe. Offices are located in Bratislava, the capital of the Slovak Republic. Luke and Geoff “are positive that we can help provide you with the information and business contacts that you may require to help take your business to the next level”.

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Geoff explained to us their business outline, NextLevel Pharma specialises in two areas; Their Business Unit and their Partnering Services.

NextLevel Pharma’s business unit,
delivers cutting-edge conferences and networking meetings for the broader life sciences industry as well as for individual companies by request.
The main types of events that we organise are:

Division 1
Strategic intelligence & partnering conferences (for the industry)

Division 2
Personalised internal events (Company specific) Including:
A. Clinical investigator meetings B. Customised internal company meetings
B. Customised internal company meetings

NextLevel Pharma’s Partnering Services,

Through our Intelligent Events business NextLevel Pharma has built up personal relationships and strong contacts with senior executives in the pharma, biotech, diagnostics, vaccines and medical devices industry. We can help you find the right business partner, in areas such as drug discovery & clinical research and marketing & distribution.

NextLevel Pharma specialises in bringing the life sciences industry closer together and can help you build the relationships that can enhance your business. Whether you need:

  1. Discovery & an R&D alliance
  2. Marketing & a contract outsourcing partner
  3. Marketing & an expert consultant
  4. Marketing & a key opinion leader
  5. Marketing & a product distributor
  6. Marketing & a technology provider

We can help to enable the success of your vital R&D project or market access strategy and build synergies with industry experts.

NextLevel Pharma is based in the Central & Eastern European (CEE) region, but just 60km from Vienna, in Bratislava, Slovak Republic. We have an especially detailed understanding of the CEE region and:

  1. Which contract research organisations and clinical research consultants can help you accelerate your clinical trials
  2. Which distributors, key opinion leaders and other stakeholders can assist you with your product launch.

Contact NextLevel Pharma at:
Next Level s.r.o.

Corporate Headquarters

Office address:
Panská 9
Bratislava 811 01
Slovak Republic

Postal address:
P.O. BOX 343
Bratislava 811 01
Slovak Republic

Office Phone: +421 232 662 621
(Business Hours 9am – 5:30pm Mon to Fri)

Office Fax: +421 232 662 622
After Hours: +421 910 328 806


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