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Why Social Media? Is it for me?

Social media allows us to share our interests, express our views and stay in touch with our friends, businesses and even the world if we so chose.

Ever thought about your Social Media footprint?

The idea of a Social Media Footprint came to me this week after contemplating this gift of life that we are bestowed. As I swiftly approach my 40th birthday, I am actually trying to be philosophical, as we are only here but a fraction of time, so the question on my mind is “what do [...]

Not just plain old text please

Brand isn’t everything, but it communicates life and depth, People recognise your “home” and get used to the feeling they get when they are there. In this day and age the graphical interface doesn’t really slow things down unless you have let loose some sort of neanderthal designer who doesn’t know a giff from a gaff!

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