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British Chamber of Commerce

creative images are proud to announce that Chris Plant has been elected to the Board of directors of the British Chamber of Commerce of the Slovak Republic. “I am very happy and honored to be a part of the British Chamber and am looking forward to bringing lots of energy and passion to the team”. Chris and [...]

KPMG Slovakia, social media facebook page

Last month creative images designed and programmed the new KPMG Slovakia’s social media for it’s recruitment area. With a worldwide presence, KPMG continues to build on our member firms’ successes thanks to clear vision, rigorously maintained values and, above all, its people. The page will be used to promote events throughout KPMG and connect to [...]

Why Social Media? Is it for me?

Social media allows us to share our interests, express our views and stay in touch with our friends, businesses and even the world if we so chose.

Facebook’s latest group, Secret Bratislava’s first event is this years St Patricks day!

This year on March 19th members of Facebook’s latest group “Secret Bratislava” will be attending “St Patricks day” after being kindly invited by the Irish Chamber of Commerce. ”Secret Bratislava” members can win prizes for attending this year as well as have great fun at the event in the Main square of Bratislava listening to the sounds of [...]

Social media in a thriving online market – Facebook’s Secret Bratislava

I am currently running a small private project to see how well Facebook and twitter work in harmony with one of my personal interests, Bratislava. The aim was to create a group that can actually feed itself with information from and around Bratislava. It may well prove to be interesting to my clients to see [...]

Ever thought about your Social Media footprint?

The idea of a Social Media Footprint came to me this week after contemplating this gift of life that we are bestowed. As I swiftly approach my 40th birthday, I am actually trying to be philosophical, as we are only here but a fraction of time, so the question on my mind is “what do [...]